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Over the last 10 years, pipe reinforcing has become a very important service. You can extend the life of your pipes, safeguard against leaks, and buy yourself time for scheduled maintenance with temporary coatings such as carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Let us take care of your entire pipe reinforcing including corrosion protection, corrosion repair for natural gas piping, and air to soil interface.

Reinforce your pipes with our integrity management, and you won't have to shut down your plant and replace your pipes.

 •  Underground piping

 •  Coating repair

 •  Atmospheric corrosion

 •  Riser reinforcement

Our service outfit will take care of your composite pipe wraps and internal pipe wraps for steam piping, blow down lines, flare lines, girth welds, and chemical processing lines.

Get professional pipe reinforcing today:



Making your pipes last through the test of time

Enjoy full service care  

Get applications including:

Taking care of all of your pipe wraps

Inspect ability with radiography, high temp rating and scalable increases in ply thickness.

Benefits of Thermal pipe wraps:

Equipped to take on your entire pipe reinforcing needs